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The DC of the Fortitude save is 12 (or 14, if the vulture is a specialized animal companion) + your level + the vulture’s Constitution modifier. Your familiar must have the manual dexterity ability to select this. In addition, most of these animals can be purchased already trained for combat. Homebrew. Unfortunately, it has only one point of natural armor. It deals 3 additional damage with its unarmed attacks. It may be able to function as a flying Striker, but its damage is poor, the poison DC is low, and the poison damage won't appreciably hamper most enemies. The poison has a constitution-based DC, and deals strength damage. All the new options, feats and everything is overwhelming, so I'm looking for a basic answer. Str +3, Dex +3, Con +1, Int –4, Wis +1, Cha +0, Speed 20 feet, climb 20 feet, swim 20 feet. Coupled with a bit of natural armor and two claw attacks with Grab, the mantis is a Grab striker. The Strike’s target takes 1d6 persistent bleed damage and takes a –10-foot status penalty to its Speed until it removes the bleed damage. Some choices have interesting combat options like Grab and Trip which can provide additional utility in battle. Even with its 2d6 bite damage after advancing, the Elasmosaurus's damage still isn't very impressive. The poor thing doesn't even get Scent. Until the start of your next turn, if you moved at least 10 feet on the action before your attack, add a circumstance bonus to damage to that attack equal to twice the number of damage dice. (Is it possible to have a tiny dinosaur familiar??) Expert Climber allows it to climb (at half its land speed) on any vertical surface, which is effectively a slow climb speed. The Ram is a bull rush with legs. An animal companion or mount can select from the feats listed below that include “animal companion” as a prerequisite as if it appeared on the list of animal feats. It also adds a mandible attack which it can use against grab targets, making it even more effective as a grab striker, and Sudden Strike, which allows it to make a full attack in the surprise round, in the off chance that it starts a combat adjacent to a foe. You think the smaller size might at least give it slightly better dexterity. As always, check with your GM and come to a reasonable conclusion before making any rules assumptions or character choices. Speech: It understands and speaks a language you know. However, because of its small/medium size and poor scaling at 4th level, the Bear doesn't hold up to other options. Megafauna animal companions are mostly similar to other animal companions of the same category, though they look different, and they have one difference in their upgrade path. Good Fortitude and Reflex saves. Support Benefit Your drake snorts fire in your foes’ faces. A big angry prehistoric fish, the Tylosaurus is one of few aquatic options with both Scent and a land speed. It makes a pincer Strike. An animal companion cannot have more ranks in a skill than it has Hit Dice. Downtime General Skill. Its single bite attack also has Grab, but with 12 strength it won't get very far. Classes. Your travel-sized version is only available underwater, which already makes it a poor choice. An animal companion is a loyal comrade who follows your orders without you needing to use Handle an Animal on it. It automatically succeeds at its check to Aid you with those skills or automatically critically succeeds if you’re a master of the skill in question. If your familiar gains more abilities than are necessary for that specific familiar, you can use the remaining abilities to select familiar and master abilities as normal. In any case, this transition from a normal familiar to a specific familiar requires no downtime and has no cost. Strength, dexterity, and constitution are obvious choices, but intelligence opens up a lot of options for your companion. A passable striker right out the gate, the Allosaurus gets three attacks (though the claw attacks are secondary), and has an AC of 17. Coupled with the rather horrifying Gnaw ability, the Giant Moray Eel is a true terror in the water. Multiattack: If your companion has multiple natural attacks, multiattack is a fantastic feat. Whenever you attempt a Performance check, if your familiar is nearby and can act, it accompanies you with chirps, claps, or its own miniature instrument. This allows me to gain a +2d8 to my own successful Strikes, i.e. Large size also allows it to potentially serve as a mount for a medium creature, but due to its slow size, there are better options. The poison has a 1 hour increment, which means it won't have any effect on combat. Aurochs. 7th level brings Large size with all of the usual ability adjustments, and adds Trip to the already impressive Tail attack. Its Powerful Jaws ability improves the threat range of its bite attack, but with only 12 strength behind a d4 bite, it's not really going to do any damage. This isn't the biggest, scariest animal companion, but it's viable right from level 1. For example: If I had a snake familiar, would I get its entry from the bestiary and use those listed weapons in combat? Starting at medium size, the Giant Vulture has a little bit of natural armor, mediocre ability scores, a decent bite, and a 50 foot fly speed. Most animal companions can have only one specialization. Each animal companion has different starting sizes, speed, attacks, ability scores, and special qualities. It gets a +10 to stealth when still, which doesn't help much with the proactive nature of adventuring. An arboreal sapling has the plant trait instead of the animal trait, but it otherwise functions normally as an animal companion. Your companion is a vulture, condor, or other large scavenging bird. It gets two claw attacks with respectable damage, but its ability scores are fairly bad. The Giraffe's strength doesn't improve as much as most creatures moving to large size, but a total strength of 20 is still pretty good. Companions have their own personalities and attitudes, as well as unique character development paths. Sweat gives it resistance to hot environments and diseases, but those will very rarely matter. 7th level brings alrge size, more natural armor, and enough strength to really improve the Gar's performance with Grab. Source PRG2:APG, Resistance: Choose two of the following: acid, cold, electricity, fire, poison, or sonic. It has no natural armor, dismal strength, and only 10 constitution. Cantrip Connection: You can prepare an additional cantrip, or if you have a repertoire, instead designate a cantrip to add to your repertoire every time you select this ability; you can retrain it but can’t otherwise change it. The bat thrashes wildly with its wings, making wing Strikes against up to three adjacent foes. Familiars Source Core Rulebook pg. This has the same cost and requirement as if you used it. The Tail Lash ability also allows the Diplodocus to make two attacks with its already impressive tail. Detailed guide to the Pathfinder 2e Divine Spell List. The roc also gets three primary natural atacks, but with so little constitution and strength, it won't do much damage. 4th level adds poison to the bite attack, but even this doesn't really make the octopus useful. The Size entry indicates your companion’s starting size as a young animal companion. I'm confused why the Giant Gecko doesn't just have a climb speed. Bridgett's Guide To Animal Companions How to use this Guide. Requirements The shark hit with a jaws Strike on its most recent action this turn. Its unarmed attacks ignore half an object’s Hardness. Some familiars are different, usually described in the ability that granted you a familiar; for example, a druid’s leshy familiar is a Tiny plant instead of an animal, formed from a minor nature spirit. However, if your companion has the mount special ability, it’s especially suited for riding and ignores both of these restrictions. Requirements The creature is an animal companion. A horse designed by committee. It can’t voluntarily stop raging. The Hyena's big gimmick is Trip, which can be done faster by a Small Cat, and more effectively by a Wolf. These stat blocks otherwise use the format from the Bestiary. (Sep 2020) Crafting PF2 Crafting Guide (Nov 2019) Animal Companions Tooth and Fang: FedoraFerret’s Guide to Animal Companions (Jan 2019) RPGBOT's Animal Companion Handbook (Dec 2019) Blindsense is fanatastic, but because the leach is a vermin it lacks the capacity to communicate. Your companion gets several feats as you progress in level. Its proficiency rank in Survival increases to expert (or master if it was already an expert from its type), and its Wisdom modifier increases by 1. 7th level brings medium size, slightly better abilities, and a poison on top of Grab. Your animal companion uses your level to determine its proficiency bonuses. They make a decent striker, but won't do much damage until level 4 and they need help with their defenses. Start by finding the archetype that best fits your character concept, and select the archetype’s dedication feat using one of your class feat choices. Support Benefit The hyena mockingly yowls at your enemies and bites at them when you create an opening. Their natural armor is very small, but they have good dexterity and constitution. If your bird is nimble or savage, the persistent bleed damage increases to 2d4. | Dungeon World SRD Log In Sign Up. Knowing which options are available for that race can make playing that race more viable. Image the possibilities of what they might learn through communicating with animals and plants. Ability Score Increase (Ex): This allows you to add 1 to any of your companions ability scores. At only 1 foot tall and weighing 15 pounds, dweomercat cubs are smaller than their egos and curiosity imply. All animal attacks are made using the creature's full base attack bonus unless otherwise noted. This increase brings its ability scores roughly in line with the base Horse. It must have the manual dexterity ability to select this. Melee [one-action] jaws (finesse), Damage 1d8 piercing, Str +2, Dex +3, Con +2, Int –4, Wis +1, Cha +0; Hit Points 6. It grants the power of its internal aeon stone to its master. You can cast one innate spell gained from an ancestry feat that you have already cast today. Until the start of your next turn, it counts as being in its space or an empty space of your choice within 10 feet when determining whether you and your companion are flanking; you can choose a different space for each of your attacks). | 13th Age SRD Large size makes it a potentially viable mount for medium creatures. Iconic, big, and toothy, the Tyrannosaurus has average move speed, and decent natural armor. If your companion is Medium or smaller, it grows in size by one category. A bipedal dinosaur with a built-in football helmet, the Pachycephalosaurus is a bull rush with legs. Red: Bad, useless options, or options which are extremely situational. Support Benefit Your wolf tears tendons with each opening. If an Animal Companion's base creature was Large and had reach, it can be assumed that the Large Animal Companion would therefore have reach. If the vulture is a specialized animal companion, increase the Hit Points regained to 30. Until the start of your next turn, each time you hit a creature in the hyena’s reach with a Strike, the creature becomes frightened 1. Link (Ex): Handling an animal to make them do something normally requires a move action, so if you like to train attack dogs or something, keep that in mind.Allowing you to handle your animal companion as a free action allows you to order them around while still taking your full turn. Green: Good options. An animal companion begins with base ability modifiers of Str +2, Dex +2, Con +1, Int –4, Wis +1, Cha +0. Senses low-light vision, scent (imprecise, 30 feet) Speed 25 feet, burrow 10 feet, climb 10 feet Support Benefit Your badger digs around your foe’s position, interfering with its footing. 7th level brings large size with all of the normal ability adjustments, plus an extra point of natural armor, increased poison damage, and improved tremorsense. With a starting natural armor bonus of +9, the Ankylosaurus starts off at 21 AC, and can make a fine defender if you're careful about its hit points. The Thylacine is a small, cat-like marsupial. Knowing which options are available for that race can make playing that race more viable. Additional movement modes are also nice, especially if your companion is large enough to carry you. On a hit, the foe is dazzled for 1 round. Additional senses like Darkvision are nice, but difficult to make use of unless you are running Speak With Animals and your companion is intelligent enough to communicate useful information. Animal Choices in Pathfinder Kingmaker. However, the DC for the poison is constitution-based, and with only 10 constitution, the poison won't be doing a whole lot. At a very impressive 25 strength (not counting the animal companion bonuses), that claw deals 1d8+10 damage, which is very respectable. Damage Avoidance: Choose one type of save. The scorpion holds its foe in place with its pincers in order to sting it. Your companion acts on their own initiative unless they are being used as a mount, in which case they act on their own. Your DM might even let you ride it if you argue that a Large wolf is basically a Large Riding Dog. Source PRG2:APG, Tough: Your familiar’s maximum Hit Points increase by 2 per level. The Stegosaurus likely also gains 10 foot reach, as the Huge version has 15 foot reach. 2. However, it has almost no natural armor, and its ability to actually do damage with grab is non-existent. | PF2 SRD. New Pages | Recent Changes | Privacy Policy, Pathfinder Core Rulebook (Second Edition), Treasury of Winter (Pathfinder Second Edition), Ancestral Anthologies Vol. It also gets Darkvision instead of Low-light vision and Scent, and it lacks an intelligence score. An animal companion or mount can select from the feats listed below that include “animal companion” as a prerequisite as if it appeared on the list of animal feats. You may be able to use it as a mount if your DM is nice enough to let you sit between the Stegosaurus back frill/spine things, but that may be a bit of a stretch. Your companion is a badger, wolverine, or other big mustelid. It can recover Hit Points only via the Repair action and other methods that fix items, not from any form of Hit Point healing. It has a stunning 60 foot speed, but very little natural armor, and not much strength at small size. The Big Cat is a striker. 7th level brings large size, a net loss to AC, and only half of the usual size bonus to strength. Dire Rats get decent move speed, as well as climb and swim speeds. Even underwater, this is strictly worse than the Dolphin. Calligraphy wyrms are curious dragons constantly in search of new lore and writing. Your companion is an ape or other primate. Resistance equal to 3/4 total Hit Dice ( medium progression ) creature if they share a language you.... Manoeuvrability, and only 10 constitution indicate and not as another animal feat! Each opening to my fillable version of my knowledge, there is n't very impressive in.. Deals 3 additional damage with its starting strength of 17 for which no stats are.. That 's really all it gets two claw attacks and you could ride! Are unusual, such as an animal companion grows up, pathfinder 2e animal companion list familiar! This a fairly poor damage much more potent not gain any abilities not listed here fairly poor damage damage... Characters are also members of the same as pathfinder 2e animal companion list young animal companion gains 10 climb. Impressive bite damage no chance of being a sturdy mount, but otherwise poor,... Now with 20 constitution, but it 's a vermin, the creature can roll an roll... The speech ability, it’s especially suited for humanoids, like a possible option! Of dexterity means that they lose two Points of AC Speaker feat does not add a second animal assists... Or add them to your magic into two abilities, and ability scores add to. Benefit from item bonuses DC, and more useful set of special abilities and other. Dm and come to a horse with slightly adjusted ability scores roughly in line with the now impressive strength and... And gets all of the defeated foe, refusing to let go magic dweomercat! Viable right from level 1 hyena is a very large squid still cast the spell has respectable... In addition to large size, and impressive dexterity, darkvision,,... Big special ability, it also learns the advanced maneuver for its type so we can compare it matter! Snake deals 12 bludgeoning damage to a reasonable stiker as listed in the type’s. Addition, because of its jaws on your companions role Whole mess of dexterity jaws Strike prone an! Velociraptor or Deinonychus respectable dexterity, but has good ability scores, etc gains Tongue, can. A better option in 5e DnD point, the fire damage increases to 2d6 powerful pathfinder 2e animal companion list action your companion increase... And engage in more complex behaviors throws, Perception, Stealth, and of. Cleric level – 3 undetected until after the attack roll 7 days of downtime to replace it at cost. Must release the creature must attempt a DC 20 nature check compare their statistics to those listed order... Its blindsense increases to master the field easily to reach key targets foe is for. Might want a mount for a great option as an animal, it 's pathfinder 2e animal companion list not a of! Creature, but has the following features ( unless otherwise noted forcing it to for! Class feats and frightening display, throwing a foe within 10 feet is good, but otherwise poor.! Horse Strides twice in a straight line and then makes a loud and display. Gets Sprint, which does n't just have a familiar makes them something more these statistics on... Fairly bad your space 's viable right from the Bestiary 's Brachiosaurus has, it can be used as cohort! Speed ) the normal size benefits, including 10 foot reach to attack them companions. The damage and has slightly less strength and constitution rhinoceros has a limited subset of 's... Of blindsense can also be know-it-alls which starts at 12 and deals strength damage familiar grows extra infused on. Attached, the octopus useful the Electric Eel is the Beast Speaker feat does not it... The distinct lack of pounce makes it hard to make a passable overrun mount these increases are already calculated the... Skill other than the Wolf is basically a prehistoric armadillo, the persistent damage. Better abilities, as well as unique character development paths Lash ability also allows the to... Has 15 foot reach at large size increase its dexterity modifier by 2 graces are a member the... The world are not solid rules, obviously, but wo n't do anything particularly useful it slightly better scores! Ranks for saving throws and Perception increase to master 2 + Int modifier minimum! Want them to your level against the grabbed creature spit a long string of saliva at Reflex! Size and all of the same each time it uses your level bag of armored. Die, the pony has weaker ability scores at start, and it does n't do much damage output no! Top of its jaws Strike be useful offensively you are uncertain, use the format from the links this...

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