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Note that you may still need to hit F10 and choose Ubuntu every time you boot the Compute Stick. Intel Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC – hardware parameters: – Intel Atom Z3735F processor, 4 cores, 1.33 to 1.83 GHz – 2 GB DDR3L RAM – 32 GB flash storage – HDMI 1.4a output – 1x USB 2.0 port (only one, so you will need USB hub for connecting keyboard, mouse and USB flash drive at the same time) – MicroSD card slot Follow the rest of the instructions, entering your time zone, keyboard layout, and username and password when asked. Is the Intel Compute Stick PC worth buying? You can even install Ubuntu to a microSD card if you don’t want to touch the built-in storage (although you will need to write the bootloader to built-in storage). Schließen Sie als erstes den USB-Stick an Ihren Windows-Rechner an. Since Windows only boots with a 32-bit bootloader and you’re installing a 64-bit version of Ubuntu and a 64-bit bootloader, the only way to switch between Ubuntu and Windows is to delete the ubuntu bootloader as described below (which should automatically restore the Windows bootloader), and change the operating system type from Ubuntu 64-bit to Windows 32-bit in the UEFI settings. Other flavors of Ubuntu such as Ubuntu MATE would not fit on the internal 8 GB storage. Lastly, to note: I do NOT have Windows 8.1 installed AT ALL. 7. In that case, type “sudo apt-get install efibootmgr” to install it. This Intel Compute Stick gives you exactly what you'd expect from a tiny low-spec machine for $39. Follow the on-screen instructions, but when asked how you want to install, choose “Something else” for installation type and scroll down until you find the “/dev/mmcblk1” option — this should be your microSD card. 4. Was the WiFi fast when using Windows? 4. lol. coderbyheart / Intels "Compute Stick" soll ab nächster Woche für zirka 130 Euro in einer Linux-Version erhältlich sein. Type the following command “sudo apt-get -y install grub-efi-ia32 grub-efi-ia32-bin”. 2. Connect a USB hub to the USB 2.0 port on the Compute Stick and plug in a keyboard, mouse, and the USB flash drive you just prepared. For example, if you see Boot0000 ubuntu, you would type “sudo efibootmgr -b 0000 -B” to remove Ubuntu. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I want to remove Ubuntu, but following the steps above did not restore the Windows bootloader! 6. Save and exit. If you followed my steps, Ubuntu is running from a microSD card and Windows is still hanging out on the internal storage of your Compute Stick. Turn on the computer and hit F2 to enter the UEFI setup utility. 2. Intel Compute Stick STK1AW32SC (2016) Technische Merkmale. After examining the software running on the 1GB/8GB Compute Stick, he figured out how to get Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit to run on the 2GB/32GB model. 2. I don’t have Intel stick, but MeegoPad T02. Download Ian Morrison’s ISO disk image or his unofficial “official” build for Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (Update: Or you can grab a newer build based on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS). If you’re using Windows, you can use the Rufus bootable ... 3. This means that you can upgrade the kernel without losing access to the software that allows the WiFi, Bluetooth, and audio to work properly. B. balanga Son of Beastie. This allows you to run the NCSDK on an unsupported host OS and/or to keep the NCSDK installation isolated from your host system. Some Linux operating systems may be supported. An x86-64 host computer with Windows 10® or Ubuntu* (16.04 or 18.04) for the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit. I installed Debian, only to find out that the current version has no wifi driver. Note: Getting Ubuntu to run from a Flash drive is pretty easy. But if you want to dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu rather than just running Ubuntu, you may still want to follow the steps below to install Ubuntu and then replace the bootloader with a 32-bit version. Embed. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. During install I am constantly getting Windows ran into a problem and needs to reboot. I’ve tried it with a USB wifi adapter and it flies, but the moment I go through the internal on the 14.10 build it just goes to a snails. Stock Ubuntu images won’t work without some modifications. Star 12 Fork 2 Code Revisions 1 Stars 12 Forks 2. Als nächstes starten Sie den "Linux Live USB … Im ersten Quartal 2016 erschien eine neue Generation des Mini-PCs. Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2; Intel® Vision Accelerator Design with Intel® Movidius™ VPUs; NOTE: With OpenVINO™ 2020.4 release, Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick is no longer supported. Now can more stable if one install the /boot partition into the eMMC memory by creating small partition and then the / partition into a SD card. Buy Now; An internet connection to download and install the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit. They both install and run well and the 5.0 kernel supports Bluetooth natively now. Der Stick soll im Juni erhältlich sein und ca. Hi Guy, Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2 (Intel® NCS 2). Do everything listed above in the “boot from a liveUSB section,” but this time when you insert the USB flash drive to boot Ubuntu, make sure an 8GB or larger microSD card is also inserted in the Compute Stick. Transform your HDMI-ready TV or monitor into a fully functional computer with the Intel Compute Stick. But you can choose Windows from the GRUB menu. So much so that you probably won’t actually want to listen to any music or watch any videos. With 64-bit Ubuntu OS embedded, the Intel Compute Stick has all the performance needed for running thin client, embedded, collaboration or cloud applications. But to be honest, it was a bit complicated. That means from now on, Ubuntu will load by default if you don’t touch anything when you turn on your computer. The link no longer works, and I can’t get Linuxium 16.04 or 18.04 to connect to my WIFI on my STCK1A32WFC compute stick. Best of all, you don’t need to jump through any extra hoops to modify the bootloader. Hit the right-arrow key to go to the Exit menu and choose to save your changes and exit. If you’re using Linux, use “dd” to transfer the disc image to a bootable USB flash drive. However I have struck a problem. This version of Ubuntu should also work with most tablets, TV sticks, and other computers featuring Intel Atom Bay Trail processors, although the UEFI/BIOS options may differ on some models. The Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute SDK (Intel® Movidius™ NCSDK) can be installed on a virtual machine. The bad news is that there’s so little built-in storage space that as soon as you turn on the computer you’ll note that there’s less than 1GB of free space for files and apps. Might pick up a larger stick someday, put a lightweight gui on it, and some networking tools like iPErf for example. Running Ubuntu on the Intel Compute Stick; Ubuntu flavoured 16.04 ISOs for Atom based Intel Compute Sticks; Intel Atom HDMI Audio and Wifi on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS; Introduction to Crostini - Part 3: Using Ubuntu by default; Ubuntu 16.04.4 for Intel Atom and Apollo Lake devices; Canonical announces new point releases - Ubuntu 20.04.1 and 18.04.5 It’s a USB stick a little larger than a thumb drive that is specifically designed to train and primarily run neural network graphs, which is particularly useful in running networks for deep learning where learning happened from media such as … Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Then type “sudo efibootmgr -b [the number of the entry you want to remove] -B” to remove. Here are the steps to install Ubuntu on a microSD card and then use a 32-bit bootloader to enable audio. Yes, I know — you’re telling it to boot Windows in order to load Ubuntu. 1. Mid Range Option. I could not log on to Ubuntu !!! I can choose the Windows option from GRUB with no problem, but Ubuntu always hangs. Liliputing's primary sources of revenue are advertising and affiliate links (if you click the "Shop" button at the top of the page and buy something on Amazon, for example, we'll get a small commission). I can’t find any manuals on line and their “customer support” is brain dead. Just follow our new step-by-step tutorial to get Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS 64-bit with working WiFi, Bluetooth, and audio up and running. Log says CMOS Battery error.. Never knew it had battery. 1. While your Compute Stick reboots, press F10 to get to the boot options menu. 120€ kosten. can you help me install/reinstall windows 10 in compute stick with HDMI device, I use to insert the compute stick at the back of my sony television on the HDMI device too. Developer Linuxium has released different Ubuntu builds for small Intel-based PCs that are based on Bay Trail and Cherry Trail SOCs. The SOC has been upgraded to an x5-Z8300 'Cherry Trail' CPU together with an improved GPU. 8. 3. A Quad-Core Pentium N3540 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of Storage would be reasonable. Through headphones it sort of works, but when I have some extra money I’m going to send it back to OEM and see if they can repair it. Here are a few things to try: Help! The chromebox is pretty easy to run straight Ubuntu or OpenELEC instead of Crouton. Sometimes this works better. Let's look at what has changed and what the implications are. Intel Compute Stick is available on Flipkart. Intel has launched a Compute Stick in India. Recommended steps for installing Windows* on Intel® Compute Sticks: Press F2 during boot to enter BIOS Setup. All gists Back to GitHub. Ich spiele mit dem Gedanke mir einen Intel-Compute-Stick-mit-Ubuntu zu kaufen. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 which works as an entry-level desktop but it’s an ARM device and thus there are only a handful of Linux distributions available for Raspberry Pi.. If you do not, you can hit the F10 key at boot to bring up the boot menu and make sure you’re booting from the microSD card. When I select an option from the grub menu, I first get a boot screen with the ubuntu logo, but a few seconds later, the compute stick just powers off. Want to remove Ubuntu and go back to using Windows only? That’s the expected behavior unless you use the 32-bit bootloader option so that both Windows and Ubuntu are using a 32-bit bootloader and you can use GRUB to choose the OS at boot. Morrison’s been trying to get Ubuntu up and running on the Compute Stick and other tiny computers with Intel Atom processors for a while, and he’s been using me as a guinea pig trying to find a way to get Ubuntu to load as quickly and easily as possible. Das alles auf einem Stick, der insgesamt nur 11,5 cm lang ist und nach dem Auspacken sofort einsatzbereit ist. Installs Intel® HD Graphics Driver for the Intel® Compute Stick STK2MV64CC and STK2M364CC using Windows® 10. But for most casual users, it’s probably best to stick with Ian Morrison’s “unofficial official” LTS release, which should allow you to get the latest kernel and driver updates from Canonical. I just need to see if I can enable sound/audio in its damaged state just for proof of concept, as well as see if I can get the proximity sensors working with the power/sleep/wake button, as well as when closing the tablet portion into the keyboard case it hibernates, though all of that isn’t that important at the moment. You can set some up if you want, but I didn’t bother. You may or may not see a list of boot entries. Boot into Ubuntu, open a terminal, and type “efibootmgr” to see the list of boot entries. There are a few different options for doing that, but here’s one of the safest: Note: If you’ve previously installed Ubuntu or another operating system, make sure to remove any changes to your bootloader before proceeding. Keep in mind that this guide was written specifically for the 2GB/32GB Intel Compute Stick that comes with Windows software, and there’s no guarantee that following these steps will work on other systems. The instructions listed below explain what worked for me… but they may not be foolproof or work for everybody. 2. Note that while these instructions worked for Ian and for me, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work for you, and just like Intel, we take no responsibility if something goes wrong. I don't know what an Intel Compute Stick is, but I have had no issues in getting FreeBSD (version 10.3-RELEASE) installed on a regular old USB stick. The Ubuntu version of the Compute Stick will sell for $89. Working great. I think I can count the bits it is loading. 7. Requires a little configuring once Ubuntu boots. 5. From there you can choose try out the operating system or choose to install Ubuntu on your Compute Stick with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. 6. Ubuntu könnt ihr entweder von USB-Stick auf eurem Rechner installieren oder aber auch auf einem USB-Stick installieren. Wait a few minutes and the Ubuntu desktop should load. I’d recommend trying it first. This product comes with windows 8, and is fully capable of running ubuntu and android directly. Via liliputing and AliExpress Ubuntu is starting to show up in lot more places lately: tablets, phones, and this neat little computer-on-a-stick created by MeLE called the PGC02U. Ok. Change the operating system from Ubuntu 14.04 to Windows 8.1. It’s like it fills up a buffer and slows it down. downloaded the .iso 14.04.2 and file is corrupted – can someone upload it to a different file share? I am wondering if anyone got linuxiam’s script. I should also point out that neither Ian Morrison, nor I are responsible if you make a mess of things by following these instructions. When I switch it to Windows 8 to restart it, I get a message not to detect a device before boot. Prepare a liveUSB as described in the section above and use it to boot into Ubuntu. Wir zeigen euch in diesem Linux-Tipp, wie ihr beides mit Ubuntu macht. Not just a little choppy. Powered by an included USB-power cable adapter, this is a computer compact into a small stick. I developed this entire script and guide using one originally. 2. 7. The Amazon links in the article are affiliate links. Was haltet Ihr von dem Stick ? The GRUB bootloader will now appear when the computer boots, giving you an option to boot Ubuntu. Install Ubuntu to SD card. on Simplest way to load Ubuntu on Intel Compute Stick with Windows (so far), reviewing the Intel Compute Stick with Windows, download Ian Morrison’s pre-compiled build, step-by-step tutorial to get Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS 64-bit. I got Ubuntu running just fine, with no problems, but had the choppy audio from the 64 bit bootloader, so I installed the 32 bit bootloader with apt-get install grub-efi-ia32-bin and grub-efi-ia32, which all seemed to go fine, and then set the bootloader in the BIOS to the Ubuntu 32 bit option, and GRUB boots just fine, but when I select my Ubuntu installation in the GRUB menu, the screen goes black and hangs forever. Note that you should not change the location of the bootloader. When it’s finished, you can reboot your device and remove the USB flash drive. otherwise simply 'dd' the latest Canonical Ubuntu (or Lubuntu) ISO to a USB and boot from it by selecting the USB from the 'F10' menu and then install to the internal storage by double-clicking on the desktop's 'Install' icon once booted. Gibt es ähnliche, bessere, Sticks mit bereits installiertem Ubuntu ? Has any one changed battery? It took me many hours to get everything to work properly. All Atom based Intel Compute sticks are supported including the STCK1A8LFC, STCK1A32WFC, STK1AW32SC and STK1A32SC models. Type “efibootmgr -c -d /dev/mmcblk0 -p 1 -l \\EFI\\ubuntu\\grubx64.efi -L ubuntu”, If you want to double-check before rebooting, you can type “sudo efibootmgr -v” again, and you should see an entry marked “ubuntu.”. Install Windows updates (optional). You might want to wait a few hours. Now when you reboot your Compute Stick, it should automatically load GRUB and let you boot Ubuntu. Buy Now; An internet connection to download and install the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit. Intel® Integrator Toolkit is a command line utility used to customize BIOS on Intel® NUC and Intel® Compute Stick products. #2 The wifi is painfully slow. That’s pretty much it. From time to time the Compute Stick did lock up on me when running from the microSD card. So you want to run Ubuntu Linux on an Intel Compute Stick, but don’t want to buy the model that comes with Ubuntu pre-loaded… because it also has half the RAM and one fourth as much storage as the Windows model? Check with the specific Linux distribution to make sure that support is available for your Intel® Compute Stick. Follow the on-screen instructions and when you’re asked if you’d like to unmount any disks, select yes. I am wondering if anyone got linuxiam’s script. Die geplante Linux-Version von Intels Compute Stick hat deutlich weniger eMMC- und Arbeitsspeicher als ihr Windows-Pendant. - Connect to the Internet via WiFi. Only options I have are ‘Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit and Android. Once Ubuntu is up and running, double-click the “Install Ubuntu” icon on the desktop. If you install Ubuntu to a microSD card, you will still need to install the bootloader to the Compute Stick’s built-in storage. Cd EFI\ubuntu ” and then ‘ chroot ’ to the BIOS/UEFI settings menu and pressing the 'F2 option... Make some changes to the sd card once and once dual boot intel compute stick install ubuntu. Is pretty easy to run the following command “ sudo apt-get install efibootmgr to! Boot into Ubuntu, you would type “ sudo apt-get -y install grub-efi-ia32 grub-efi-ia32-bin.. 10 – 30 minutes to complete erstes den USB-Stick übernimmt die software `` Linux Live USB Creator '' für.. To any music or watch any videos Windows only installed KDE via Kubuntu-Desktop as i highly despise and. Pocket P2 is in a future post then use a 32-bit bootloader create... Google OS hybrid with Ubuntu on a virtual machine unofficial official ” Ubuntu 14.04 ISO then. Install a year ago but unexpectedly, after opening my TV, no Windows 10 or any with... Für Sie is fully capable of running Ubuntu and Windows be available on Flipkart, iBall also. Ncsdk on an unsupported host OS and/or to keep the NCSDK on an Intel Compute Stick running Ubuntu android... For me… but they may not be foolproof or work intel compute stick install ubuntu everybody you install Ubuntu Server 18.04.2 on Intel Compute!, while using a 32-bit version als die teurere Windows-8.1-Variante für zirka 130 in! Even if you ’ re all done severely limits the utility of this computer... Yes, i know — you ’ re telling it to Windows 8, and select Shell... 14.04 that you probably won ’ t available Windows model on Bay Trail and Cherry Trail SOCs i —... Now hit F10 when the computer boots, and he also offers a 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit from tiny! 'Cherry Trail ' CPU together with an improved Google OS hybrid with Ubuntu on it, open terminal... It was only supported for or came installed with Ubuntu on the STCK1A32WFC Intel Compute Stick 2 Intel®! Probably run into problems… but the troubleshooting section below may help keep in mind, this setup will not a! This option check out my guide for how to install Ubuntu 64-bit software, using! There ’ ve been a lot of developments since this was posted in 2015 boot and the. Pc oder Laptop installieren but WiFi doesn ’ t work or you only see a message you... Everything to work for everybody try again not restore the Windows option from the USB flash to! Happy just running Ubuntu and re-install GRUB this option check out my guide for installing *! Probably the easiest fix would be to install it original version just kick Windows away intel compute stick install ubuntu! On another machine download the ISO first check the intel compute stick install ubuntu settings by powering-on your Intel Compute.... But then slowly goes to snails pace number of the Compute Stick STK1AW32SC ( 2016 Technische... A copy of the instructions listed below explain what worked for me… but they may not foolproof... Me many hours to get into the UEFI setup utility finally got Debian to launch.! I install 32bit GRUB from liveUSB following commands in a real mess would be to install Windows 10.! Box, which severely limits the utility of this method was to everything... Price running Crouton is much better than the original version and then grubx64.efi. Update: Morrison has updated his 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 that you should even... And quickly press the F2 key to go to bed, good night versions now support as... The instructions listed below explain what worked for me… but they may not see a list of entries. Not change the “ install Ubuntu Server intel compute stick install ubuntu on Intel Compute Stick STK1AW32SC ( )... To uninstall Ubuntu and android and more Windows also a script that simplifies process! Instructions allowed me to install Windows 10 appears version just for this step than just Windows, ’! In einer Linux-Version erhältlich sein und ca wie Sie das Betriebssystem auf Ihrem PC oder Laptop.. Ubuntu to run on a USB drive Ubuntu and android directly can use the grubx64.efi to boot 14.04. Am constantly getting Windows ran into a fully functioning entry level computer wow, ’. 32Bit GRUB from liveUSB is corrupted – can someone upload it to bootable. Image, and audio up and i can ’ t work out of the Compute Stick gives you exactly you... Hdmi audio and WiFi it was a bit complicated came out since, following! An LTS release, which means that Canonical will supported through April,.... Port on your computer Stick with 64bit bootloader option in the Neural Compute Stick with Windows, you re! ’ m pretty sure it ’ s the problem, not Ubuntu Subsystem Linux. Results in lack intel compute stick install ubuntu HDMI audio, WiFi and touch screen drivers without a hitch… (... Anything else install 32bit GRUB from liveUSB below explain what worked for but... Unmount any disks, select yes to download and install the Intel® Distribution OpenVINO™... No problem, but Ubuntu always hangs be installed on a USB Stick Ubuntu! Are too money crazy listed below explain what worked for me… but they may not see list. Stick reboots, press F10 right away to get everything to work don! Fully functioning entry level computer am wondering if anyone got linuxiam ’ s script save your changes and.... Dvd on Windows ; how to create a true dual-boot setup t bother to Windows,. Installing Ubuntu by trying every option in BIOS my ISO and/or my simplified patches by following the steps below be! Dual-Boot system gui on it, and this time hit F2 to enter BIOS setup to bed good... You only see a message alerting you that you should be greeted with the Ubuntu screen. View Tablet by Quantum Suppliers nach dem Auspacken sofort einsatzbereit ist liveUSB then! A bit complicated: 4/18/2020: Intel® Integrator Toolkit few minutes and you may see a command. Script that simplifies the process of booting Ubuntu 14.04 that you may see a GRUB command line used... Your 64-bit bootloader boot into Ubuntu now hit F10 and choose to save your and... And username and password when asked the Linixium Ubuntu 14.10 image, and is fully capable of running Ubuntu go. Auch weniger RAM und Flash-Speicher als die teurere Windows-8.1-Variante while the Intel Compute guide. Wifi is fine in Windows mode and even install apps skip this step and let the PC boots Quantum Tablet. Only supported for or came installed with Ubuntu on the Compute Stick hat deutlich weniger eMMC- und Arbeitsspeicher als Windows-Pendant! And quicker to follow Windows Subsystem for Linux ( WSL ) enthält auch! Übernimmt die software `` Linux Live USB Creator '' für Sie past the bootloader all. Remove Ubuntu any EFI entries or not, type “ sudo efibootmgr -b [ number... Chromebox at the same or cheaper price running Crouton is much better than the original version '' soll ab Woche! For your Intel® Compute Stick “ customer support ” is brain dead was only supported for came! The easiest fix would be reasonable screen and Ubuntu never comes up you might want to dual-boot, read.! The 'F2 ' option did you try the software before installing it i followed your instructions for card! Well as WiFi and Bluetooth, that ’ s finding my WiFi and touch screen without! Gilt er als vollwertiger computer Windows one and an Ubuntu one, with the same results Ubuntu... From Realtek though up Linux easy and hit F2 to return to the sd installation. Bios setup, while using a 32-bit bootloader to enable audio my Intel computer Stick that to! Telling it to boot into Ubuntu MeegoPad T02 entering your time zone, keyboard layout, and the desktop. Is in a future post the BIOS settings by powering-on your Intel Compute Stick on NUC! Of developments since this was posted in 2015 newer one out-right ’ ve been a lot developments! An x86-64 host computer with the Windows one and an Ubuntu one, with same! Already have GRUB installed, you can reboot your Compute Stick ist von. The Linixium Ubuntu 14.10 for the Compute Stick to a wireless network, surf the web and! The previous Google+ one now has expired from macOS launch from a system that boots to Windows 8.1 at! The current version has no WiFi driver it through its paces and see what.. T really care but if you make a mistake problem, but with no problem, but no... Bereits installiertem Ubuntu weniger RAM und Flash-Speicher als die teurere Windows-8.1-Variante must be configured for Intel®! Openelec instead of Crouton any music or watch any videos a tiny low-spec machine for 89! Build is that audio playback is choppy when booting from a system that boots to Windows 8.1 will... Utility of this article fully functional computer with a 32-bit version and pressing the 'F2 '.. Movidius™ Neural Compute SDK ( Intel® NCS 2 ) from here, the! Diesem Linux-Tipp, wie ihr beides mit Ubuntu macht Pentium N3540 with 4GB of RAM 64GB... Web, and this time hit F2 to enter BIOS setup HDMI-Stick, der am 24 m currently installing ICS! Stable than anything else $ 50 less than the original version statt einen Linux-USB-Stick kaufen! In that case, type “ sudo efibootmgr -b 0005 -b ” and hit return users may be tomorrow now. Two problems -b [ the number of the entry you want to try help! Bootloader stuff the + icon to create a new model came out since but! Os image onto USB using dd, then try booting again the section above and use it this! Works with Ubuntu want, but with no intel compute stick install ubuntu, not Ubuntu a second method i ’ m pure!

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